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How Incontinence Care Affects Senior Living

» Senior Assistance » How Incontinence Care Affects Senior Living

Many people can hold off on going to the restroom until they have to go. However, it is not easy for people who constantly have to deal with bladder leaks.

While urinary incontinence in the elderly is expected because of age-related physiological changes, your loved one shouldn’t have to accept or live with this condition.

Many factors can lead to urine incontinence, including not getting enough fluids or having a medical condition like diabetes. Normal aging and dietary and lifestyle decisions might also contribute to this condition.

For those needing incontinence care, the humiliation and frustration resulting from unanticipated bowel or urinary incontinence can be devastating, especially when they live with their families. Take your elderly loved one to the doctor if you see any signs of incontinence that won’t go away for a complete checkup to rule out infections (like a UTI) or other curable conditions.

But of course, your loved ones with incontinence can still find assistance and benefit from the services of various care providers or a care planning service.

Many caregivers and care providers are trained to assist with incontinence care, including escorting patients to the bathroom, helping them with their incontinence products, and educating family members about incontinence care. This service is made available even for low-income seniors to be able to help our community.

Let Helping Hands Senior Foundation provide you with the most suitable Senior Care in Reseda, Los Angeles, that can send caregivers or healthcare professionals there anytime an incontinence emergency arises, whether at home or elsewhere.

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