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Easing Joint Pain Without Medications

» Easing Joint Pain » Easing Joint Pain Without Medications

Seniors who have damaged and aged joints, like those with rheumatoid arthritis, often experience painful and swollen joints when it’s freezing cold. Fortunately, there are natural ways to combat this. Allow us, Helping Hands Senior Foundation, your trusted provider of senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, to share them with you!

  • Walk daily as a form of exercise

    Walking will keep your body warm as you sweat a little. It’ll also keep the joints healthy and strong and reduce symptoms of pain by improving blood flow in the body. Our in-home care providers can accompany you as you exercise.

  • Maintain a healthy weight

    Excess weights put too much pressure on the joints, which will trigger discomfort, especially on cold days. Keeping a healthy weight while eating a well-balanced diet that provides nourishment is highly recommended by our caregiver in Orange County.

  • Refrain from sitting for longer hours

    While sitting in your wheelchair, you’ll feel your joints getting more painful because of limited mobility. To avoid this, stretch a little, even when you’re stationary. This will help minimize the discomfort in your joints and help prevent joint pain from occurring often.

Our care planning service is conclusive of a variety of quality, comprehensive, and personalized caregiving services. Thus, if you’re interested in trying our services, kindly give us a call.

We believe there are so many things we can help your senior loved ones with. Thus, we encourage you to entrust them to our skilled nursing facility. Get in touch!

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