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Medication Adherence for Seniors: Tips to Follow

» Medication Adherence » Medication Adherence for Seniors: Tips to Follow

Helping Hands Senior Foundation provides senior placement assistance in Reseda, Los Angeles, to get your senior loved ones used to home care. One of the most challenging tasks primary caregivers were facing was their elderly folks’ resistance to adhering to their medication schedules and their forgetfulness. If you’re experiencing the same problem, then we can help you.

As providers of in-home care services in Riverside County, we follow these tips to ensure that our patients won’t forget about their medications and will willingly adhere to their medication schedules:

  • Keeping a journal

    As in-home care providers, we organize vital information about the medicines they’re taking to help them keep track. We list the detailed amount of dosages, time schedules, and expiration dates of their medications, among others.

  • Set a reminder

    You can use your phone alarm to remind your elderly folks that it’s time to drink their meds. Customize your alarm labels to know which medications they are supposed to take.

  • Make use of the calendar

    Mark specific dates to indicate which date they start taking their medications and when it will end. This is highly recommended for prescriptions that should be taken for a specific period of time only. You can do this for the patient whether they receive care at home or a skilled nursing facility.

Following these tips as we did will help your senior loved ones adhere to their medication schedules. Doing so will keep them active and healthy because they are getting the proper treatment.

If you are interested in trying our services, don’t hesitate to call us. We offer quality, cost-effective home care services that even low-income seniors can afford. Get in touch!

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