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Hospital/SNF Discharge

Difficult situations call for creative discharge planning solutions, and Helping Hands is pretty creative when it comes to coordinating safe discharge plans. Our program has helped several hospitals and tons of nursing homes to satisfy the burden of providing a safe discharge while balancing ethics, patient care and minimizing financial losses. In cases where a senior’s need outweighs their ability to pay for their own care, or when insurance denies payment for care, we can negotiate with the discharging entity to provide sufficient funding to accommodate placement long with our follow up care coordination to ensure that steps are taken to prevent readmission.

Case studies:

  • TB case, Hospital DC
  • Tragic accident, DC from hospital to SNF
  • Elvedia, multiple evictions
  • Orlando, Cedars DC then planning additional follow up


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With the increasing need for care and support, it is more important now than ever to come together and make a difference. Let us work towards a brighter future for our seniors and create a world where they are valued, respected, and given the support that they need to live with dignity and comfort. Join us in this worthwhile endeavor of making a difference in the lives of our elderly population.

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