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We Are Debunking Hospice Myths

» Hospice Myths » We Are Debunking Hospice Myths

Hospice care is often misunderstood by the general masses, believing that it is only provided to terminally ill patients.

As a trusted organization with years of experience in placement assistance in Reseda, Los Angeles, the Helping Hands Senior Foundation aims to enlighten people about the truth in hospice so that more families would be able to consider its benefits for their elderly adults:

  • Myth #1: Hospice is only provided in the final days of life.
    Care for many hospice patients lasts six months or more. Keep in mind that this is not the same as saying that someone will die in the next six months.
  • Myth #2: Once someone is in hospice, they will die.
    The medical condition of hospice patients is often stabilized, and their suffering is effectively managed. When patients’ condition improves, they are free to discontinue the service.
  • Myth #3: It costs a lot of money.
    Patients with Medicare coverage often contribute little, if any, toward the cost of such care. Hospice is typically covered by insurance, HMOs, and managed care programs.

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