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Steps to Restore Senior Confidence After a Fall

» Senior Confidence » Steps to Restore Senior Confidence After a Fall

A fall in seniors causes more than simply physical harm. It can also lead to a loss of confidence, which can lead to other falls in the future. So, to prevent falling at all costs, they reduce their level of exercise or make other lifestyle modifications. Choosing to be less active can decrease the muscles required for strength and balance, as well as the muscles required to prevent falls.

Helping Hands Senior Foundation discusses methods that can help seniors regain control and confidence following a fall.

Respectfully discuss the fall. Understand their concerns by discussing them rather than avoiding the matter. Listen to their concerns to demonstrate that you are concerned about them. Use this conversation and their feedback, to determine why the fall occurred and to consider potential remedies to avoid future falls, such as in-home care services in Riverside County. Assist them in viewing the fall objectively, rather than simply as an act that has created fear or diminished their independence.

To combat their lack of confidence, work together to set an achievable goal; something simple and doable that can be worked upon later. This can be as simple as walking a circle around the entire garden on their own in six weeks or securely gripping the handrail and walking calmly down these stairs in three weeks.

When the deadline arrives, assess their progress. Encouragement is crucial, so remember to acknowledge and support your senior’s efforts and triumphs.

We are a reliable source of information about useful resources available in your community. We make it our aim to find senior care and other services that can help you live a better life.

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