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Approaches for Getting Seniors with No Appetite to Eat

» No Appetite » Approaches for Getting Seniors with No Appetite to Eat

A decline in appetite is frequent among the elderly. Taste buds diminish with age, and retirement frequently results in more sedentary activities. As a result, hunger signals are harder to recognize, and there is less desire for food.

Here are some suggestions to encourage your elderly loved ones to eat if they have no appetite. Simple tweaks can often make a significant effect. Be patient, be creative, keep experimenting, and try not to get frustrated when trying these suggestions:

  • Have a Regular Meal and Snack Schedule
    Having a consistent daily schedule and serving meals at around the same times every day prepares their bodies to eat at those times.
  • Make Eating a Social Event
    Eating with others makes it more fun and might help to distract you from your lack of appetite. Furthermore, dining with a company or a caregiver in Orange County who is also eating increases the likelihood that more food will be consumed.
  • Serve Smaller Portions of High-Nutrient Foods
    When they see a great amount of food in front of them, some people may become overwhelmed. Serve smaller amounts instead of a large plate. You can try introducing a regular schedule in which your senior has 5 small meals rather than 3 larger ones.
  • Give Choice and Control Wherever Possible
    Choosing whether or not to eat is sometimes one of their last remaining acts of freedom.

If you are too busy to cook meals for your elderly, you could always tap Helping Hands Senior Foundation for help. With senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, you can be confident that your loved ones are eating healthy, on time, and receiving adequate nutrition.

We also provide care planning services. Reach us today!

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