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Mobility Aids That Enhance Safety and Independence

» Mobility Aids » Mobility Aids That Enhance Safety and Independence

Many seniors struggle with mobility as they age. In addition to receiving in-home care, seniors can use mobility aids for added safety. A range of mobility devices is available to help seniors stay independent. Mobility aids can improve daily living and are designed to help seniors move at their own pace.

As a care planning service, we will discuss mobility aids that can help enhance independence and safety in aging adults:

  • Canes
    Canes are walking aids that many seniors use to assist with balance. Also called a walking stick, a cane can bear up to 25% of the user’s body weight. Canes come in different styles, materials, and sizes. Single-tip canes are the most popular as they are lightweight and help with weakness and balance.
  • Walkers
    Walkers consist of a frame with four feet to support the user on both sides. They can bear up to 50% of the user’s body weight and must be picked up and placed down with each step. Some variations have two feet and wheels for easier gliding.
  • Wheelchairs
    Wheelchairs are excellent mobility aids for seniors who need more support than a walker or cane can provide. They come in manual models and heavy motorized models too. A caregiver in Orange County can assist seniors in getting in and out of wheelchairs to ensure safety and comfort.

Here at Helping Hands Senior Foundation, we are driven by our commitment to helping aging adults gain access to valuable healthcare resources and services. If you are interested in arranging senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, set an appointment with us to discuss your needs.

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