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The Advantages of Smaller Assisted Living Communities

» Smaller Assisted Communities » The Advantages of Smaller Assisted Living Communities

When looking for an assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, you may believe that the larger the community, the better; however, this is not always the case!

Here are a few reasons why we adore smaller communities. First, because residents receive more one-on-one care, the staff-to-resident ratio is often one to two staff members (usually six residents). With such personnel shortages in larger communities, you’re lucky if the ratio is one staff member for every twenty-thirty resident.

We’re not implying that larger communities are bad. It’s just that the senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles that you or your loved one receives in a smaller community can be much more personal and frequent.

Home-cooked meals are available in a kitchen where you can sit at the dining room table and converse with the chef or caregiver in Orange County preparing your meal. The dining room tables in the smaller communities seat six to eight people, so it’s like having dinner with your family. You get to know each other (residents and employees) better and form friendships and meaningful ties with them.

Most small communities allow you to bring your furniture. However, larger communities appear to have smaller rooms, so you may not be able to carry everything you want. Smaller communities are more likely to accept all the furniture you desire for your space.

Assisted living facilities don’t come in one size fits all. That is why, at Helping Hands Senior Foundation, we begin by knowing about your needs, such as incontinence care, personal care, and more.

Don’t worry if you prefer to remain at home; we can still assist you in locating the best in-home care services in Riverside County for you!

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