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Making Sound Decisions for Your Elderly Loved Ones

» Making Sound Decisions » Making Sound Decisions for Your Elderly Loved Ones

The necessity for family involvement in elder care decision-making is often brought to light by age-related declines in parents or, in the worst-case scenario, a health crisis.

However, some aging family members typically hide their failing physical or cognitive capacities from distant relatives, such as needing help in incontinence care. There are a variety of reasons for this, including reluctance to spend money for their care needs and an unwillingness to accept the reality of their body’s deterioration. It’s possible they don’t have the mental capacity to understand they have a problem too.

Care decisions for an aging family member should follow these guidelines if family members have noticed a need for involvement:

  • Evaluate the severity of the situation that your senior is in.
    Determine how urgent is the case and how much care is needed for your loved one. Appointing a legal decision-maker for your senior is another good start.
  • Prioritize their safety and independence while setting up their care needs.
    Always consider safety and freedom when creating care needs. Even low-income seniors should still have the best quality of care that gives them safety and freedom.
  • Reassess your care decisions from time to time.
    It is essential to check in on your senior’s care plan over time to understand how to best improve the level of care they require.

At Helping Hands Senior Foundation, a reliable provider of senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, we can support you on your journey to improve your senior loved ones’ quality of life.

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