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How Seniors can Prevent Falls at Home

» Senior Care » How Seniors can Prevent Falls at Home
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Many seniors prefer to age in place to create a more genuine end of life experiences. However, seniors who live at home are at risk of falls. Statistics show that 6 out of 10 falls take place in home environments and nearly a third of aging people fall every year. Learning fall prevention tips for seniors and considering Senior Home Care can ensure their safety. Here’s how you can prevent your seniors from falling at home:

  • Make Home Modifications

    Adding or improving lighting is important to prevent falls for seniors at home, especially for those with a compromised vision. Installing handrails and grab bars, as well as arranging furniture and other items for easy reach is beneficial. Fall mats can be strategically placed in areas where falls may take place.

    Moreover, providers of Home Health Care suggest installing a stair lift to eliminate the potential of falls while your seniors go up and down the stairs. With stair lifts, aging people can maintain their independence and live as normally as they would.

  • Allow Seniors to Exercise Regularly

    Aging people need to stay physically active. Make sure your aging loved ones move regularly at home. Exercises such as walking, aerobic exercises, and slow dance movements can strengthen their muscles, helping them from falls.

  • Keep Areas Dry

    Seniors can easily slip and fall inside the house. Make sure the spills are cleaned right away. Some areas of the house may have possible water leaks so have them assessed. Kitchens and bathrooms are common areas such leaks can take place. Your pets may also make wet or damp spots so make sure you also take care of them.

  • Organize the Kitchen

    To effectively prevent falls at your seniors’ home, organize all kitchen items. Clean up spilled liquids, food and grease, and remove throw rugs. Store items like food ingredients, dishes, and cooking equipment in a place where your seniors can easily reach them.

  • Improve Bathroom Safety

    Purchase slip-resistant rugs for the bathroom and have grab bars installed into the wall. Ensure the bathroom is well lit. Also, shower enclosures that are made of glass can be replaced with a non-shattering material. Using a special or raised toilet seat that features armrests can help in improving the toilet’s stability.

  • Place Essentials on the First Level

    Essential items like cell phones, glasses, and car keys should be placed on the first level of the house to avoid unnecessary searches in various areas. This is quite important for homes with stairs. Moreover, ensure there are no items left on the stairs since this can pose a serious tripping hazard and aggravate the risk of falling down stairs.

Senior Home Care can help improve the home safety and overall quality of life of seniors. If you are looking for community resources that your seniors can take advantage of, call Helping Hands Foundation at 818-279-6580.

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