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How Can Seniors Recover at Home Following a Stroke?

» Home Recovery » How Can Seniors Recover at Home Following a Stroke?

Seniors recuperating from a stroke at home may require senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, for some time to help them around the house and work on their recovery exercises. Seniors can typically exhibit rapid improvement after a stroke when they can recuperate in the comfort of their familiar home with senior care and the assistance of family members.

Seniors who have had a stroke should exercise daily. If your senior loved one is mobile, a simple activity like walking is highly recommended. If your senior is unable to move freely, they can engage in a variety of activities to maintain or even improve muscle strength while they heal. Even ten or fifteen minutes of exercise every day can improve your senior loved one’s ability to recover significantly.

Seniors who have had a stroke will need to make permanent changes to their diet, and those changes must begin immediately. Fried foods, fatty foods, and red meat must all be avoided, or at the very least, they should be consumed in limited quantities and seldom. Seniors should eat a healthful diet rich in fresh vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Your senior loved one’s doctor can propose the best diet for them, but you must ensure that they adhere to whatever diet is recommended for them.

Everyone needs to sleep well, but seniors who have had a stroke require additional sleep. They should make it a priority to get as much restorative sleep as possible at night.

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