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Feeling Guilty About Moving Your Senior to a Facility?

» Moving Senior Living » Feeling Guilty About Moving Your Senior to a Facility?


Putting a parent, spouse, relative, or close friend into an assisted living or a nursing home is a tough choice for many people. Even though you know this is the right choice for their health and yours, you may still feel a great deal of shame and sadness.

Here are the reasons to stop feeling the guilt:

  • If you place them in an institution, they will receive a degree of care that may no longer be feasible on a long-term basis in the comfort of their own home.
  • It’s unfair to make comparisons between yourself and other people because everyone’s family circumstances are unique and you never know the complete story. Your elderly loved one may require medical attention or a greater degree of care than you can provide in your home. And if your health is deteriorating or someone else’s is at risk, it’s time to move them to a safer environment.
  • In addition to a higher standard of care and a more secure setting, your elderly loved one will also have more opportunities to engage in social activities and access to a care planning service that suits them.

Helping Hands Senior Foundation has provided placement assistance in Reseda, Los Angeles for many clients while working with their budget or insurance coverage.

We can also provide in-home care services in Riverside County if keeping your seniors at home is what you need.

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