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Bathing and Toileting Safety Tips for Seniors

» Toileting Safety Tips » Bathing and Toileting Safety Tips for Seniors

About 80% of all falls among people over the age of 65 occur in bathrooms, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is why an older adult’s bathroom has to be a top priority for home safety improvements.

It’s not simply about falling when showering or bathing. When it comes to bathroom accidents, getting out of the tub or shower is the most dangerous, followed by using the toilet (whether standing up from it, sitting down on it, or both).

As an organization that specializes in senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, we have these five simple tips to keep a patient safe while showering and using the restroom:

  • Don’t hurry
    Remember to take it slow and not rush patients. With a single wrong move, rushing may lead to harm.
  • Keep bathroom area clear
    Remove any obstacles. Keep toiletry and incontinence care supplies nearby to prevent them from wandering while wet.
  • Ensure a well-lit surrounding
    Having well-lit places can reduce the risk of falling. Inspect the lighting and replace burned-out bulbs so those with poor eyesight can see their path well.
  • Set reminders and routines
    Reminding memory-loss patients to bathe, dress, grip the handlebars, and take a toilet break regularly can prevent emergency bathroom trips.

If your loved one requires caregiving assistance, employing a reliable caregiver in Orange County may be beneficial.

At Helping Hands Senior Foundation, we are committed to serving even the low-income seniors by staying within their budget while providing the care they need.

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