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Signs a Senior May Need Help Even Without Saying

» Senior Care » Signs a Senior May Need Help Even Without Saying

Asking for help does not mean the person is weak. Rather, asking for help is an acknowledgment that one can do the task better with the assistance of others. Unfortunately, any person may remain reluctant to seek help because they fear judgment or rejection. This can be the case for our senior people.

This puts caregiving in a dilemma. How do we ensure they get every help they need when they cannot even say what they want? The answer is not simple, but it can be effective.

Observing their daily activities, their well-being, and other factors, people around them may be able to determine the non-verbal cues that are cries for help.

  • Repetition of the same movement (for many times) in the hopes of accomplishing a task – such as buttoning down a shirt or trying to tie shoelaces.
  • Pausing or seemingly being lost in front of the activity, such as staring down at unopened mails or ingredients for cooking.
  • Difficulty moving around the house that may or may not involve accidents, slips, or bruising.

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