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How to Help Your Senior Make Decisions

» Senior Care » How to Help Your Senior Make Decisions

Independence is not just a physical manifestation. Independence is the freedom of the soul which is best demonstrated by the person’s capacity to decide for themselves.

However, if the elderly are unable to decide for themselves or they experience difficulty doing so, should the nearby family member or care supervisor make the decisions themselves? It may be the case, but if a senior loved one insists on getting their voices heard, and they feel no one is listening to them, it can be a source of frustration and stress.

The good thing is with open collaboration – things can happen. In providing care to your loved ones, we understand the complexity of ensuring their welfare is prioritized. The immediate family members or care providers can support the senior’s goals without compromising their quality of life.

Any matters regarding the senior’s health should be discussed openly. They may be unable to directly choose their preference but the family can provide all the details necessary and deliver it. We can also ask exploratory questions about their preference and work backward on which options meet their expectations.

Low-Income Seniors should be able to receive any care they need – including hospice care.

If you feel you do not have options when it comes to Senior Care in Reseda, Los Angeles, feel free to reach out to us.

Helping Hands Senior Foundation can help you draft the Care Planning Service that will work for your loved one.

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