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How the Helping Hand Reaches to Help Patients

» Nursing Home » How the Helping Hand Reaches to Help Patients

There is a great misconception that caregiving is only reserved for the terminally ill, but that is not true. Hospice care is something that even the healthiest of our clientele needs. The necessities of our elderlies are not limited to those that can physically hinder them because we never know what goes on in their thoughts and emotions. Helping Hands Senior Foundation, a home for senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, has your back.

Care planning services should no longer be part of your worries, even for low-income seniors. Helping Hands remains highly accommodating regardless of your budget and even helps look for programs to help you pay the bills. Here is our process:

  • Information Gathering: We call this step of the process “intake.” This phase is where we acquire critical information from our clients. We will discuss details like your condition, support system, income, and insurance, and the process only takes 10 minutes with our coordinators.
  • Care Coordination: Our coordinator will then pass the details gathered to the appropriate department to assess your request or your desired placement.
  • Collaboration: By this juncture, our staff will be collaborating with possible resources that you can benefit from, care services, and other options that are to your avail and within your budget. In 1-3 business days, you will be contacted and updated.
  • Welcome Home: After informing you of your possible options, it is now up to you to decide which you want to choose. Then, we can discuss the process and the care plan you desire.

Availing hospice care is a step forward in choosing the best quality of life. Shake off your hesitation and contact us at 818-279-6580 if you need in-home care services in Riverside County.

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