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4 Signs That Your Senior Loved Ones Needs Assistance at Home

» Senior Care » 4 Signs That Your Senior Loved Ones Needs Assistance at Home
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Your parents or grandparents must be living independently despite their age. You might have a great amount of trust toward them. However, your senior loved ones cannot do every household chore or task all by themselves like they used to before. Be mindful of your dear loved ones’ activities. Here are four signs that they need assistance at home:

Accidents: even the smallest accidents count!

Did your loved ones tell you about a minor accident at home? Do you ever see bruises, scratches, or wounds on your loved ones’ body? Most of them encounter accidents even when they are in the comfort of their homes. They might fall down, have trouble with sharp objects, or bump themselves into the furniture. Whether it’s a minor or major accident, this is a big sign that your loved ones need to be assisted at home or need to be moved to a place where somebody can supervise them.

  • Health conditions

    If your senior loved ones are suffering from a health condition (whether life-threatening or not), you should take action and have someone assist them. Health is one major problem faced by the elderly and it restrains them from doing the tasks they should do.

  • Loneliness, depression, and the like

    Living independently during the aging phase can become problematic for seniors, especially those who aren’t used to being alone. Your hectic schedule might prevent you from being your parents’ or grandparents’ companion. But when your loved ones’ mental health becomes a bigger issue, you should resort to professional assistance at once.

  • Personal needs

    The elderly might have difficulties in cleaning up the house and the surroundings all by themselves. Thus, clutter and dirt might accumulate inside the house. Similarly, personal hygiene is also compromised. Going outdoors to buy medications at the pharmacy or to buy groceries at the store might be the least priority of your loved one. In cases like these, professional assistance is recommended.

Helping Hands Foundation helps seniors and their families adjust to the phase of aging by providing full access to necessary resources, such as Senior Home Care. If it’s Home Health Care you’re looking for, we can surely help you out! For more information about how we serve the elderly, feel free to call us at 818-279-6580!

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