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The Basics on Fall Prevention for Senior Citizens

» Senior Care » The Basics on Fall Prevention for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens face many challenges at an advanced age, such as falling. Unlike younger people where falling is not an issue, this can be a serious thing for many elderly individuals where it could cause severe injury. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are taking the steps needed to prevent elderly people from falling and injuring themselves at home.

Helping Hands Foundation is a Senior Home Care that provides exceptional care services, including fall prevention. So what can we do to help prevent your senior loved ones from falling when they are at home?

  • Rails: One of the most effective forms of fall prevention is to simply provide something that your elderly loved ones can hold onto as they traverse the house. This can come in the form of rails. Having rails installed throughout the house, especially in the bathroom, can go a long way in preventing falls. Having them installed in the bathroom is very important due to its floors being slippery when wet.
  • Carpets: Instead of having hard floors, it would be a better idea to have carpets installed in the house. Carpets will not only provide more traction but they also provide more padding in the event of a fall. This can help prevent injury and keep your senior loved ones on their feet.
  • In-Home Care: As a Senior In-home Care, we offer a number of personalized care services. One of these services is providing mobility assistance to your loved ones. Through this assistance, we can help them get around the property without worrying about falling because they are being guided by a professional. We can also use other mobility assistive devices and equipment such as walkers or wheelchairs that can aid individuals who struggle with their balance.

If you are looking for an exceptional Home Health Care that is committed to helping you or your loved ones live a better and more independent lifestyle, please visit our website at www.helpinghandsla.org today. Our website is filled with helpful information regarding our services and what we can do to prevent falling accidents.


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