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6 Practical Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

» Senior Care » 6 Practical Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors
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Falls have been more and more common among older adults, especially when they are on their own. Other accidents like burns and poisoning have also contributed to difficulties in senior’s health. If your loved one is unsupervised at home, make sure you make necessary precautions to prevent anything bad from happening. Here are some tips for you and your family:

  1. Use a Walker or Cane. If your loved one has already experienced falls in the past, make sure to secure support tools for their walking. It is not good to rely on furniture or edges of objects, as these may be reasons for loss of balance. You can get these at pharmacies or medical supplies stores.
  2. Get Rubber/Nonslip Shoes or Slippers. To lessen falls, it is best to get nonslip footwear, which you can get from the department store or even at pharmacies.
  3. Get Nonslip Rubber Rugs. You can also get nonslip rubber or rugs in lieu of the mats you have at home that are more prone to slipping. If you have the normal mats, make sure they stick to the floor to prevent any accidents.
  4. Ask your Care Provider for an Exercise Program. Sometimes the elderly can have weak muscles due to their restricted movements daily. It’s best to consult your doctor about exercises to strengthen muscles and help motor movements. This will help your senior loved one become more stable and balanced when walking.
  5. Maintain Well-Lit Rooms and Walkways. Sometimes, there may be objects left on the ground by your kids or visitors. These objects may not readily be seen by your senior loved one because of dim-lit ways. Always make sure everything is well-lit for better vision.
  6. Install Grip Bars in Key Locations. The bathroom, for instance, is very prone to slippage among the elderly. Make sure you have handlebars and grip bars around the toilet and near the shower. It is better though to have them supervised when they take showers, but if they choose to be independent, it is best to have these preventive measures in place.

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