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5 Home Safety Tips for the Elderly

» Senior Care » 5 Home Safety Tips for the Elderly

As we get older, our physical abilities are not as strong as they were when we were in our 20s and 30s. If you have senior loved ones who are in their 60s and beyond, it is good that you understand they are now more fragile and need assistance. Accidents like falls, burns, and poisoning are becoming frequent. Here are some ways for you to keep them safe in your own homes:

  1. Get Nonslip Footwear.
    Falls happen when floors are wet or when liquids spill on the floor. To prevent any slips, make sure your dear loved one is wearing nonslip footwear. Most slip falls affect the back when they land on their buttocks.
  2. Use Nonslip Rubber Mats.
    If you have cloth rugs under your staircase, make sure they are glued to the floor or that you replace them with nonslip mats too. This should be the same case in your bathrooms. Note that the bathroom is where seniors are most prone to falling.
  3. Get Alarm Bracelets or Emergency Phones.
    In case of falls, your senior loved one should be able to alert you or the hospital right away. Having alarm bracelets they can use to press a button and get help right away is very beneficial.
  4. Keep Doors and Windows Locked.
    There are some attackers who may want to break in and take valuable objects. Make sure they are safe by locking these windows and doors to prevent any break-ins.
  5. Hide Poisonous Objects in Cabinets.
    If there are any liquids or solids considered toxic or poisonous if ingested, make sure the medicine and food they consume are separately placed from them. Those have to be very far away from each other so that your loved one will not mistake it for food or drinks. It is better to instruct them about the exact place where to get their medicine (i.e. medicine box) and food (only the refrigerator or dining table). Potable liquids must also be readily available for their consumption so they will not mistake any poisonous liquids as drinkable liquids.

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