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Memory-Improving Tips for Seniors

» Memory-Improving Tips » Memory-Improving Tips for Seniors

Memory loss is not inevitable in senior years. However, it’s common in old age and has become a challenge for the family members and for the patients themselves. So the question is, how are we going to improve your senior loved ones’ memory? Our in-home care providers know a few tips.

Helping Hands Senior Foundation, your provider of senior care in Reseda, Los Angeles, encourages you to follow these memory-improving tips:

  • Get adequate sleep

    Quality sleep helps your brain relax and function better. Sufficient sleep solidifies memories and strengthens the connection between brain cells, which encourages long-term memory. When at home care is available, your senior loved ones will have company that will help them fall asleep faster and earlier.

  • Move around

    Light exercises would help in improving blood flow in the brain. Thus, encourage your loved ones to move around or kick-start their day with yoga exercises. Our caregiver in Orange County can offer assistance while you exercise to ensure your elderly folks are safe.

  • Brain exercises

    Aside from physical exercises, you should also invest in brain exercises like puzzles and mind games. This will keep your brain active and crystallize your memories.

Follow these tips, and your loved ones will surely have an improved memory. Keep them stress-free and active always to help them even more. Remember, there are things they can do to improve their cognitive function, but they are all useless if the people around them are not helping at all.

Allow us to take care of your loved ones. Contact us to get started with our home care and care planning service.

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