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Getting Hospice Care Without Cost Worries

» Nursing Home » Getting Hospice Care Without Cost Worries

Once it is established that they are no longer responding to treatment and have less than six months to live, they can get hospice care in nursing homes or at home alongside in-home care services in Riverside County.

Many seniors can benefit from hospice services from and in skilled nursing facilities because it gives permanent residence along with medical or long-term care services for the elderly. Meanwhile, many may prefer to stay in their homes until their passing; hence, hospice care services are also available for the elderly or those whose lives are nearing the end at home.

However, even among low-income seniors, the fear of spending too much on hospice services can keep them from helping a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Those who satisfy the qualifications have several choices to guarantee that they or their loved ones have the help they need during this trying time.

Individuals covered by government healthcare insurance, such as Medicare and Medicaid, or private insurance will incur little out-of-pocket costs when receiving hospice care whenever they want.

Still, you always need to check whether you’re qualified, as the hospice care provided to your terminally-ill loved ones may be covered only partially. Usually, most hospices have financial assistance staff available to answer your concerns while you work out how to pay for hospice care.

Whether considering hospice care at home or in a nursing facility, we can help you decide through our placement assistance in Reseda, Los Angeles, at Helping Hands Senior Foundation. Simply call 818-279-6580 for more information!

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