Wheelchair Service

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Maintenance Service

If you have a wheelchair, power wheelchair or mobility scooter that was purchased through Medicare then you may be able to have scheduled repair service and cleaning performed, as needed.

Repair Service May Include:

  1. Pickup and delivery of your equipment
  2. Loaner scooter or chair provided
  3. Diagnostic evaluation
  4. Ordering and installation of parts
  5. Cleaning and disinfecting equipment


Helping Hands Foundation can connect you to a local vendor who can provide this service and bill directly to your insurance so that there is no out of pocket cost to you.

Get a New Wheelchair/ Power Mobility Device

If your current wheelchair, power wheelchair or scooter is either a. broken beyond repair or 2. over 5 years old then we can help you get a replacement piece of equipment ordered.

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Please call (818) 279-6580 to learn more about AMAZING resources!

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