Trusted Provider Network

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Our Trusted Provider Network is full of valuable resources, assistance programs and helpful services. Each of the senior communities, healthcare agencies, unique service providers (providers) who we refer to has to undergo a background check where we look into the impact they have made in the community as well as their current licensure to provide services. In addition, providers who we refer to directly must sign a code of conduct and HIPAA compliance agreement to ensure that our clients, and their personal information, are treated properly. Your patronage with them keeps their doors open and able to help us continue our work in the community; if you use one of these providers then please send us your testimonial so that we can continue to improve our relationships with our providers by reviewing your feedback. Call us to get more information about these, and other, great services OR to learn more about how to utilize these services.

If you would like to give us your testimonial, or  know of a great service that you think we should tell people about, then please visit our About Us page and send us a note with information about the service and we will get back to you as soon as we can to document your experience.


Programs by County:

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