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At Helping Hands, we take great pride in treating your family like our family. Our experienced care cooridnators will guide you to the best community resources, senior communities or care providers that fits your needs, and your budget. We invite you to read through helpful testimonials from some of the many families that we have assisted in their search for senior living options.


Helping Hands Honeys
“This is a picture of me, Sean, with a few of my favorite clients. Next to me I have Angela, Jackie, Christina and Paris… a group of women who were able to share their experience, strength and hope with each other and myself. I love what I do and I love when good people let me into their lives to be a part of the solution to their problems. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and for being patient with me as we encountered any turbulence in the care planning process.”
 -Sean Markie, Founder Helping Hands

“Sean has been with me from the beginning to the end, and without him, I don’t know where I’d be…”
-Jackie Giddens, Client

“I was referred to Helping Hands through “A Place fpr Mom” as an organization that could assist with care for low income elderly. We were immediately put in touch with Megan and she has been a God send. She promptly returns calls, works diligently to come up with an action plan and really goes above and beyond to assist with what the client’s needs are given the limited resources. I cannot recommend them enough.”
-Kerry Hecht Labsuirs, Client

“Helping hands assisted our facility with getting back and knee braces for our residents through their insurance. Our residents were excited to get the equipment they needed at no cost to them. Helping Hands worked quickly and efficiently, and also helped repair and replace old wheelchairs for the residents who needed them. I’d recommend working with them to aid the residents in your facility.”
-Daisy Solorio, Sherman Oaks Rehab

“When I was reached by Megan and Sean, I felt I was in good hands. They worked quickly to get me a back brace and specialty shoes which helped my circulation. When I brought an issue to their attention, they were quick to help me with my concerns. I think they are wonderful, and I would recommend them to everyone I know, except they already helped them!”
-Peaches, Client

“Helping Hands is everything their name states. One telephone call is all it took for me to get help for a family member. Megan and Sean were both very helpful in the process of handling all of that was required and when it didn’t work out they jumped right back in and took the problem away and corrected it. Without the help of Helping Hands I do not know what we would have done to find the facility that we needed. When the first facility didn’t work out, Helping Hands stepped in and found us another without question. We are very pleased with the process, help and current facility. We recommend them on a scale of 1-10 as a 10.”
-Alan R. Giddens, Client

“I am the 44 yr old son and primary care-taker of my now 83 year-old mother. Managing her healthcare needs and overall well being are a significant part of my agenda. During, one of the most strenuous and challenging times of my life- I was desperately seeking guidance and assistance through a senior healthcare system that can be perplexing at best. However, Sean Markie and the entire Helping Hands Team were outstandingly compassionate, knowledgeable and diligent throughout my entire ordeal. Helping Hands turned what was a shire Tragedy into a Triumphant Experience.

In times of crisis, you need answers/solutions and not questions; Helping Hands definitely has the answers to all your questions and concerns and if they don’t, they will find you the information that you need. Helping Hands truly lives up to Moniker, Logo and Name through the incomparable service that they provide. I, most highly recommend their services to anyone who has to care for a senior- loved one. I am truly grateful for this organization and I am excited, as well as, confident that anyone that encounters Helping Hands going forth will equally feel the same.

Thanks and God Bless- Helping Hands”
-EL Sanders, Client

“Just can’t say enough about your service and the people that are employed with Helping Hands. Especially, Sean Markie. In 2014, I reached out to “A Place for Mom” and in turn, they highly recommend “Helping Hands and Sean.” What a Heaven Sent! I can’t tell you how stressed I was trying to find a nursing facility on my own that was decent and close to my home. Sean Markie took the lead and within three weeks, my Mother was in a nursing home. Not any nursing home! Sean took the time and extra effort to get her close to me and a nice fit. 2015, with medical conditions changing and age, I need to find a new home for Mom. Over time, I lost my contact notes regarding Helping Hands, and Sean Markie. So, I reached out to A Place for Mom. Once again, they referred me to “Helping Hands” but, this time, no mention of Sean. I called Helping Hands, spoke with Keith Jones (lovely man) and he took my information, said he would present my mother’s position to the review board. A couple of days later, I called Keith Jones for a follow-up and he says, “I want you to talk to one of our Care Coordinator.” “Praise God”, there is Sean Markie, AGAIN !! I could not believe I was having a conversation with Sean !! Unbelievable, this young man is Awesome! Once again, he is helping to find a home for Mom, the same diligent, compassionate and knowledgeable person from our last contact. God does answers prayers!!

“Knowing that Helping Hands is all over the situation, gives me a bit of peace in my day.
Thank you, Thank You and God Bless the entire Staff at Helping Hands..”
-Nancy Cline, Client

“We worked with about five places before we contacted Helping Hands and Sean. All of the places we contacted before would never return our calls or offer us any valuable information. I was yelled at by two people from other agency’s for asking basic questions. Discovering this place(Helping Hands), was a breath of fresh air. Sean personally visited a few of the assisted living facility’s we visited and answered every time we called. The professionalism and compassion that this company yields is uncanny. We received more information in the four brief phone calls with Sean then we did spending months playing phone tag with people placement agency’s that forgot we existed. We did not end up placing our mother in a facility because Sean contacted us with a more financially reasonable option.”
-Jaclyn Kortekaas, Client.

“Since 2014, I have had the privilege of working with Helping Hands organization specifically in and near the Los Angeles area. Throughout the years, with the help of Nadine Gonzales, we have managed to help well over 30 to 40 patients. Some of these patients were elderly people who had medical problems that the family could not manage, issues with Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease that was overwhelming for the family to help manage on their own, or reoccurring medical issue that has happened to our parents and grandparents since they are fortunate to be able to live a longer life. Many families try to do their best in taking care of their loved ones, particularly their elders, but at some point it may become overwhelming and can actually cause the breakdown of the family itself. With the help of Nadine and Helping Hands, she provides an incredible amount of insight on medical issues that need to be addressed, family issues managing their life, and even placement issues of elder family members when the task becomes overwhelming for the families themselves. I am proud to have been able to work with Helping Hands and directly with Nadine in these few years and deliver assistance that is needed by many families and communities in and near the Los Angeles area.”
– Shahab Attarchi M.D.

“Helping Hands Foundation is staffed with a dynamically loving group of people who are not only caring but are extremely professional! I called for assistance yesterday for an 89 year old friend of mine, Betty, who was extremely concerned about her 71 year old daughter, Toni, who has Kaiser and Medicare as insurance. We had been told by several skilled nursing facilities that they could not take Kaiser insurance. Yet, Betty had been told that her daughter needed to leave the facility that she is in within the next 48 hours. Currently, Toni is in stage 4 cancer and cannot lift her legs to move them, notwithstanding that she cannot walk. Maria answered the phone at Helping Hands Foundation and she immediately put our hearts and minds at ease because she told us that if she was unable to help us she would do her best to assist us in finding someone who could. She also informed us that we did not have to be concerned with the rush tactics that the facility was imposing on us because we had rights. Maria took the time to input our case information into her system and assured us that we would hear back from her boss by the next morning. The following morning Sean emailed us to assure us that we did not have to be stressed by the forceful tactics of the facility and that he had a plan that would work for us through their palliative care program at Helping Hands Foundation. As it turned out, our call to Kaiser the prior day brought some relief to Betty’s mind when a Kaiser representative returned our call and assured Betty that she is going to see if she can find a Kaiser facility for Toni. Still, when I spoke with Sean later this afternoon, he assured me that if things does not work out with Kaiser, Helping Hands Foundation is still here to assist us. WHAT LOVE I felt, and continue to feel, from these loving individuals. Here is what I have to say to anyone and to everyone. You and Your Loved Ones are in Good Hands with the Helping Hands Foundation”
Most Assuredly,”
-Rev. Cassandra Spencer


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