Care Coordination

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Our Care Coordination department has one goal, to connect you to the best resources that your community has to offer. Before we look into options that would cost you any money out of pocket, we always try to tap into all free, insurance paid or government subsidized options to help stretch your budget as far as possible. Different options may be available based on your  insurance, income, VA status, health, location and other factors; in some cases we may determine that benefits you need may be available through Medi-Cal, the VA or another program and we may encourage you to apply their first to open up your eligibility for assistance.

Care Coordination can be a broad effort and we can work on the items you see listed below in our flyer, as well as other concerns that wouldn’t all fit into a single piece of marketing collateral. We don’t claim to have all of the answers, but we can whole heartedly say that we genuinely care about your well being and that we want to share the resources that we know about with you.


Senior Care Information:

Home Care
Home Health Care
Palliative Care
Fall Prevention
Adult Day Care
Wheelchair  Service
Food Assistance
Insurance Information


Click on our flyer to download it.


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