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How to refer seniors to us:

We accept referrals from all sources and work with seniors who are over 65 years old OR meet our under 65 criteria*. There are no insurance requirements, income caps or minimums to work with Helping Hands Foundation and we do our best to help seniors with any level of care need to connect to helpful resources.

If you know a senior in need then you can refer them to us after you 1. ask their permission and 2. they say “yes” to receiving a phone call. You can also give that senior our information and hope they call us, but we do prefer you send the referral to us so that we can make sure they do not misplace the phone number and go without the help they need. When referring a client’s information to us through email at, please only send 1. name, 2. phone number, 3. who the care is for if not the person we are calling and 4. one to two sentences about their need.


How to become a provider so that we refer seniors to you:

To become a provider,  we require a background check of your organization, clean licensure with no open investigation or history of fraud/ abuse, a signed business associate agreement (BAA) and a signed code of conduct. If there is a concern with any single client you must work with us and the client to mediate the concern or be taken off of our approved vendor list until you do. You can only remain on our approved vendor list as long as you maintain amazing customer service and excellent communication with both our clients and staff.

If you have a service that you feel our clients need to know about then please reach out to us by sending information about your program to Depending on what kind of service you offer we may need you to come in and in-service our staff to understand how to explain your product or program to our clients.

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